Osklen por Très Plus Cool

Fenke Schwan, do Très Plus Cool, enviou sua análise sobre a coleção da Osklen, que tb foi postada no blog deles.



Given the fact that Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, fashionwise you hear relatively little about it and brazilian designers seldom get global acceptance. The focus of the fashion world is still in Europe and if you do not show here, you don’t get so many responds. Nevertheless, São Paolo has its own fashion week aswell. My favorite up to now is OSKLEN, although the label was established in 1989 I hear the name for the first time.

Created in 1989 by Oskar Metsavaht, Osklen inspires itself in the dynamism of the metropolis and the exuberance of nature in
Brazil, giving life to a style that, based on the harmonization of contrasts, unites sophistication and simplicity. The brand represents women and men’s contemporary lifestyle, in a world where urban and nature, global and local, organic and technologic coexist.

While older collections have been an eclectic mix and match of colours and patterns, the collection shown this week consists of only grey and black pieces. Still, the designer Oskar Metsavaht stays true to his love for combining contrasts through textures and structures – shiny & sleek vs matte & course. Connotations go from track suits to Mad Max scenarios and once again we see how versatile grey jersey actually is.



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